Split Maraton 2021. 26.9.2021.​


Don’t miss the unique running festival in Split. The start and finish of all races is on Split’s Riva, and all tracks lead through the most beautiful parts of the city.

Marathon and relay marathon

Split Marathon in Diocletian ‘s city of Split. AIMS certified trail that goes around the peninsula where the City of Split is located with a short trip to Solin and a tour of Vranjica (known as Little Venice).


21st edition of the Split Half-marathon on the AIMS certified track, which has been modified with less ascent.

We run the day before!


The day before the marathon and half marathon, race is held for recreationists. Join us!

Slobodna Dalmacija Trophy

5 km race for the 4th Free Dalmatia Trophy.

dm Kids Miles

Race was cancelled due to epidemiological reasons.

A quick test on Covid-19 was organized as part of the takeover of the starting numbers at Gripe
in the periods Friday from 16:00 to 20:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00 and 16: 00-18: 00. The price of the test is 50.00 kn.


Do not forget, next marathon is happening in February 2022! Put a mark on your calendars and be ready to go!

Dear runners!

21. Split Marathon, held on 25. & 26. September 2021., is continuing to promote health and fitness.

In the current situation created by the pandemic of Covid -19, to ensure that all participants and organizers of such sport event have to adhere to certain rules and regulations.

These rules are defined by „The decisions of the Republic of Croatia’s Civil defense board for the prevention of Corona virus epidemic“. 

In order to participate in the race all runners must have starting BIB and in order to pick it up they have to present valid EU digital Covid certificate.

All participants, viewers technical and organizing staff present at the event must have valid EU digital Covid certificate.

Third party citizens (non EU countries) or other persons which do not have valid EU digital Covid certificate can participate after fulfilling one of the following:

  • negative PCR test or antigen test – BAT to SARS-CoV-2,
  • vaccination certificate,
  • certificate of having had Covid-19.

All in accordance with conditions to enter Croatia defined by Ministry of internal affairs – MUP RH.

Conditions for issuing EU digital Covid certificate are available at Conditions for third party countries are available at To shorten the border crossing time fill out the form prior to arrival at:

Keep an eye on our web site as we will publish any updates and changes. Prior to the race we will e-mail you „Runners info“with all relevant info inside.

Additional information for participants


All information on prices and registration for races, changes related to registration or individual categories of conditions and documents in one place.


If you do not have accommodation yet, take a look at our suggestions

Do you want to volunteer?

SPLIT MARATHON is a completely volunteer project in which we differ only in the length of volunteer engagement.

Sponsors and media

STM offers a range of opportunities for sponsors, either in the form of financial sponsorship, commodity sponsorship or a combination.

Staza izmjerena i certificirana od strane IAAF i AIMS.

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