are a cornerstone of civil society as they revive the noblest aspirations of humanity…

The SPLIT MARATHON is a 100% volunteer project where we differ only in the length of our volunteer engagement.

“Volunteering (or voluntary work) is one of the civil society’s cornerstones because it revives the noblest aspirations of humanity: the pursuit of peace, freedom, choice, security and justice for all people.” (Universal Declaration of Volunteering)

And why are we doing this?

First of all, to promote running and  practising running (playing sports) in Croatia and Dalmatia, as well as our city (the most beautiful city in the world) among the world’s racing population. Some of us volunteer every year, but still every new Split Marathon brings us new experiences, knowledge, we meet new people and make friends, and we all have a great time together.

Most importantly, thanks to the contribution of each of us, thousands of runners experience an unforgettable race, some run their first race, some run their best time, and together we send a picture of Split as a city of sport open to all worldwide. Thank you to all the volunteers for their contributions, past and future. More about volunteering opportunities…. Soon

You can be a volunteer too!

…we were all like one heart and soul together with runners… I.B., a volunteer

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